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Claude Debussy


1862–1918. If a composer ever were a mirror of his time, that would be Debussy. Painting was his passion and he had many painter friends; he knew how to play with the colours of his instruments like a painter with the colours of his palette. He loved poetry and wrote melodies with texts written by great poets like Baudelaire and Mallarmé. As a child, he wanted to become a sailor and didn’t like school at all. Moreover he has always been an insolent student, even at the Conservatory. In love with Bach, Couperin and Schumann at six years old, he became the child prodigy of the Conservatoire de Paris where he would compose at twelve years old – not by following rules but, as he said himself, “according to his pleasure.” He would never break this rule. Text read by Jean-Claude Donda. Copublished with Erato Disques.

Découverte des musiciens series.

If you are fascinated by Mozart, intrigued by Bach, attracted by Chopin or passionate about Vivaldi, you will definitely be charmed by this series. Every book is an entrance inside the day-to-day life of musicians with the historical context of their life and work. Each book also offers ideas of activities for curious children and their parents. The CD includes the narrated text mixed with carefully selected musical tracks.

• Antonio Vivaldi
• Frédéric Chopin
• Johann Sebastian Bach
• Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
• Franz Schubert
• Claude Debussy
• Hector Berlioz
• Ludwig van Beethoven

A 10% discount is granted on purchase of 4 titles or more of the Découverte des musiciens series.


1. 38, rue au Pain - Prélude à l'Après-midi d'un faune - Children's Corner, La berceuse de l'éléphant
2. École buissonnière - Quatuor à cordes en sol mineur, 3e mouv.
3. « Ma vieille amie la mer » - La mer, 2. Jeu de vagues
4. Le son du vent - Sonate pour flûte, alto et harpe, 1er mouv.
5. Fini de s'amuser - Études, Livre 1, « Pour les cinq doigts »
6. Cancre ou génie? - Études, Livre 2, « Pour les accords »
7. Vers la musique moderne - Nocturnes, 3. Sirènes
8. La musique pour piano - Suite bergamasque, Clair de lune - Children's Corner, Golliwogg's Cake-walk
9. La musique de chambre - Quatuor à cordes en sol mineur, 2e mouv. - Sonate pour violoncelle et piano, 2e mouv.
10. Le chant et l'opéra - Pelléas et Mélisande, Acte III
11. La musique pour orchestre - La mer, 3. Dialogue du vent et de la mer - Première rhapsodie - Nocturnes, 2. Fêtes
Author : Pierre Babin
Codes: Document and CD - GAL2017
Number Of Pages: 22