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Hector Berlioz (livre et CD)


Hector Berlioz’s father was a doctor and he wanted his son to do just like him. However, Hector was fascinated by music since his first communion. While learning music, Hector was also learning to read geographical maps. He dreamed about travels and to become a sailor. From his home, Hector could see the Alps, but he wanted to see farther; behind the mountains was Italy. Later, Berlioz became a passionate traveller. He always created landscapes with his music. Text read by Benoît Allemane and Judith Levasseur. Copublished with Erato Disques. 

Découverte des musiciens series.

If you are fascinated by Mozart, intrigued by Bach, attracted by Chopin or passionate about Vivaldi, you will definitely be charmed by this series. Every book is an entrance inside the day-to-day life of musicians with the historical context of their life and work. Each book also offers ideas of activities for curious children and their parents. The CD includes the narrated text mixed with carefully selected musical tracks.

• Antonio Vivaldi
• Frédéric Chopin
• Johann Sebastian Bach
• Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
• Franz Schubert
• Claude Debussy
• Hector Berlioz
• Ludwig van Beethoven

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4. Amoureux à douze ans - Symphonie fantastique, 2e mouv.
1. Un beau jour de décembre - Benvenuto Cellini, Ouverture - Symphonie fantastique, 3e mouv.
2. Première émotion musicale - L'Enfance du Christ, L'Adieu des bergers
3. De la musique entre amis - L'Enfance du Christ, Trio des Ismaélites
5. Partir en voyage - Harold en Italie, 3e mouv.
6. L'amour de la voix - La Captive
7. La nuit et ses cauchemars - Symphonie fantastique, 5e mouv.
8. Les opéras - Les Troyens, Acte V, « Je Vais Mourir »
9. Les symphonies - Harold en Italie, Marche des pèlerins
10. La musique sacrée - L'Enfance du Christ, La fuite en Égypte
11. Les oeuvres étranges - La Damnation de Faust, La course à l'abîme - Les Nuits d'été, L'Île inconnue
Codes: Document and CD - GAL1623
ISBN Number: 978-2-07052-1623