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Secondary 4 and Secondary 5, Teaching Adults

The Magic of Drama


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The Magic of Drama is a complete drama course in one book. The Magic of Drama is a reproducible integrated oral skills textbook. The book is intended to be used by high school and college ESL students at the high intermediate to advanced levels.

The Magic of Drama uses movies, plays, songs, news, short stories, poetry, proverbs, props and pictures as resources for: activities, discussions, debates, interviews, impromptu speaking, improvisations, original dramas, video-taped performances, skills, fluency, thinking on your feet, clear pronunciation, vocabulary development, listening comprehension, grammatical accuracy and making presentations.

After engaging in the activities in this text, students are more confident and successful communicators who look forward to the next opportunity to converse, present and perform.

  • Author: Alexis Gerard Finger
  • Code : FBP1345PDF
  • ISBN Number: 1-895451-34-5
  • Number of Pages: 243
  • Reproduction:
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