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Collection Éveil aux contes - Le lac des cygnes



Collection Éveil aux contes

The Éveil aux contes collection introduces young readers to the world of fairy tales. Each booklet has a story loosely based on a traditional tale. Using simple phrasing, the author recounts the adventures of legendary characters and reinvents selected passages of fabulous stories. Stylized illustrations follow the story and lead the child to see beyond the text.

The book – Le lac des cygnes

A swan during the day and a princess at night: this is the spell Nina is under. One day, a young man crosses her path at Swan Lake. Can he change her destiny?”


Title F&P Clay MEES Qc M.É. Ont.
 Clara et le casse-noisette G 12 12 7
 Dorothée et le magicien G 12 12 7
 Le canot magique G 11 11 7
 Le joueur de flute E 8 8 5
 Le lac des cygnes G 12 12 7
 Le lion et la souris E 8 8 5
 Les habits neufs F 10 10 6
 Pocahontas F 10 10 6
 Robin des bois F 10 10 6
 Sous les mers G 11 11 7


Codes: Book - 86496Digital Booklet - 86496PDF
ISBN Number: 978-2-89488-649-6
Number Of Pages: 14
Digital Version: