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1st to 6th Grade

Once in French America


Plus d'infos

The birth of an authentic yet fragile musical life along the Saint Lawrence River Valley can be situated as far back as the establishment of Port-Royal, right through the foundation of Québec in 1608 and well into the year 1763 when Canada passed from French hands to English ones.

These "few acres of snow ," as Voltaire had once put it bluntly, had been cradled by the songs and instruments of the natives long before Jacques Cartier’s extraordinary unvertakings in the 16th century. The new-comers were not slow in reediting there familiar aristocratif get-togethers of the motherland, mixing quite healthily popular songs and religious hymns.

In their striving to build a New World, the settlers and adventurers did not encounter the promising surroundings imagined by Rameau in his Indes galantes. Nonetheless, music kept its promises as always and helped them live graciously through what seemed to be a constant struggle to get from one winter to the next.

- Nathalie Picard: Amerindian flutes and other handmade instruments
- Christian Paré: Amerindian percussion and percussion
- Élise Guay: recorders, shawn
- Marie-Ève Girard: recorders
- Liette Remon: viol
- André Simoneau: hurdy-gurdy
- Daniel Roy: percussion
- François Leclerc: lutes
- Nicole Trottier: baroque violin
- Geneviève Gilardeau: baroque violin
- Femke Bergsma: recorders
- André Papillon: baroque flute (traverso)
- Richard Paré: harpsichord
- Paul André Dubois: viola da gamba

Released in 2004

Pistes et extraits audios
  • 1. M'en revenant de la jolie Rochelle

  • 2. Dans les haubans

  • 3. Cogne-là, cogne!

  • 4. La prison du gourmand

  • 5. Au château de mon père

  • 6. Vive les matelots

  • 7. Branles de Normandie

  • 8. Mariage de gueux

  • 9. Germine

  • 10. M'en revenant des noces

  • 11. L'Alouette chanta le jour

  • 12. J'ai été en danse / J'ai trop grand peur des loups

  • 13. Gavotte bretonne

  • 14. Quatre airs bretons

  • 15. Le Roi Renaud

  • 16. Isabeau s'y promène

  • 17. Bourrée (Lully)

  • 18. Menuet «Dans nos bois» (Lully)

  • 19. Air pour six Indiens et Indiennes (Lully)

  • 20. Marche des masques (Campra)

  • 21. Rigaudons I et II (Campra)

  • 22. Menuet (Campra)

  • 23. Prélude pour le dégel des eaux (Mion)

  • 24. Air (Mion)

  • 25. Gigue (Mion)

  • 26. Allemande (Marais)

  • 27. Tambourins (Rameau)

  • 28. Air des Sauvages (Rameau)

  • 29. Akwekon

  • 30. L'Appel du nordet

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  • Auteur : François Leclerc
  • Code : VIA4009
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