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6th Grade

Les maths sous la loupe 6


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Les maths sous la loupe is a series of problems to solve that allows 1th to 6th graders to develop cognitive and metacognitive strategies. It also takes into account the mathematics learning progression recommended by the Québec’s Ministry of Education.

This series encourages the gradual development and teaching of strategies such as planification, comprehension, organization, elaboration, regulation, generalization, retention, communication and automatization of a process.

In this series, the students are guided by a question, a choice of operations, a suggestion or another tip at each step of the problem to solve. The themes in this series considers the interests of the different age groups and each situation has been validated by the target clientele.

  • Collection : Logo Genie
  • Auteure : Francine Cloutier
  • Code : GP324NB
  • Nombre de pages : 30
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