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6th Grade

Ma boite de stratégies - Résolution de problèmes 6


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The series Ma boite de stratégies – Résolution de problèmes is a teaching tool for problem solving strategies intended for students of the six years of elementary school. It aims to teach and strengthen strategies that students adopt for every aspect of mathematics: arithmetic, prealgebra, measurement, geometry, statistics and probability. Carefully structured, these cards have problems to solve as well as additional activities that will help you challenge your students. A teaching guide, coloured posters and fillable card models in PDF format accompanies each box of the series. Answer cards are included.

Size : 14 cm x 20 cm

  • Collection : Logo Boite de stratégies
  • Auteur : Peter Maher
  • Code : 84836
  • Numéro ISBN : 978-2-89488-483-6
  • Nombre de pages : 154
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