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3rd to 6th Grade

Recorder Karate Repertoire Book, vol.1


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This document provides supplemental and sequential new music for the highly motivational Recorder Karate's method ranging from white through purple belts. Special bonus tunes are also included, each within the technical parameters of these levels. When appropriate, songs are recorded at two tempos to facilitate the learning process. Some tunes also have longer versions to make them usable for concerts. CD contains 57 tracks which includes playback tracks.

Note: The use of this document does not require prior purchase of Recorder Karate 1.

Pistes et extraits audios
  • 1-4- Au clair de la lune

  • 5-6- Down by the station

  • 9-12- Señor Squirrel (Hop Old Squirrel)

  • 13-14- Good news!

  • 15-18- Hot Cross Kangaroos

  • 23-26- I am a Poor Wayfaring Stranger

  • 31-38- Old Brass Wagon

  • 39-46- Shake Them ''Simmons Down''

  • 47-48- Barcarolle

  • 49-50- Dance of the Jesters

  • 51-53- B A Black Belt

  • 54-55- I am a Poor Wayfaring Stranger (duet)

  • 56-57- Entrance of the Dragon RIders

  • 7-8- Kuma San

  • 19-22- Lucy Locket's Pet Snail ''Sparky''

  • 27-30- Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

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  • Auteur : Paul Jennings
  • Code : PRRK-516
  • Nombre de pages : 32
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