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Secondary 3

Portes ouvertes sur la lecture 9A


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With the series Portes ouvertes sur la lecture, the students will have the opportunity to develop solid competences by reading a variety of literary genders presented in different formats.

Two main themes will be covered in each volume. For each subject, different activities will be proposed.

First, an introduction activity related to the selected theme will help students make connections, ask questions, make predictions and think about strategies to improve their comprehension on the subject. Then, a reading activity will allow them to develop their ability to read with expression, intonation and fluidity. This will be followed by multiple and development questions regarding the selection of the important elements in the different types of texts.

To prepare the students to the different types of text that they will see in their everyday life, each book also proposes activities in the form of a graphic. That way, students will be able to understand diagrams, schedules, geographic maps and more.

Finally, because writing is directly related to reading, an activity at the end of each theme will make students learn about another form of writing: personal journal, poem, riddle, the journal, the newspaper critic, etc.


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