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3rd to 6th Grade

Recorder Rock Festival


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Your students will appreciate the rhythms and sounds of the past. This document contains music modeled on the music of hit movies (Star Trek and Lord of the Rings) and classic rock songs ("25 or 6 to 4" by Chicago and "Black Magic Woman" by Carlos Santana). In addition, some other challenges are available in this book, such as the ability to improvise or play two voices simultaneously.

Pistes et extraits audios
  • 1-2-Frodo's BAG

  • 3-4-Shark CAGE

  • 5-6-Warp Factor Five

  • 7-8-Da Da Da Da Da Bomp!

  • 9-10-Return of the Clonebots

  • 11-12-Blue Magic Wombat

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  • Auteur : M.C. Handel
  • Code : PRMH-616
  • Nombre de pages : 12
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