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4th to 6th Grade

Musique Nature - Lutherie éphémère


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The author shares his love of nature and his gift to use nature's elements as musical instruments. We discover 10 plants and understand how they can be transformed into musical instruments. We identify the different tools we need to achieve the project, the stages in the making of the instrument, as well as playing techniques. Various photographs and drawings of the instruments are found in the booklet. The CD contains audio samples created by the author.

Tracks List and Audio Samples
  • 1- Le brin d'herbe

  • 2- La fleur de pissenlit

  • 3- La feuille de lierre

  • 4- Le pétale de rose

  • 5- Le jhau

  • 6- Le subiot

  • 7- Le hautbois d'écorce

  • 8- La pibole d'écorce

  • 9- La berce ou angélique verte

  • 10- Le mirliton (de sureau ou de berce)

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  • Author: Yves Pacher
  • Code : FZ9753
  • ISBN Number: 3-549540-097530
  • Number of Pages: 27
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