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Preschool, 1st to 6th Grade, Secondary 1 to Secondary 5

Musique et peinture


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The "Arts en dialogues" series offers many activities crossing music with various other artistic disciplines. In this document, a musician and a painter meet and suggest avenues for future work, highlighting the similarities of each one's technical area.

The book-CD includes:
- A first part with the presentation of 12 specific gestures made by the painter and their musical reading.
- A second part with paintings relating to the actions and ideas of musical performances.
- A third part entitled "Learning to Listen" with musical exercises suggested by the musician.

The CD that accompanies the booklet offers:
- Audio samples illustrating the activities in the booklet and highlighting the relationship between music and painting.
- PDF files illustrating gestures and works of the painter (size 21 x 29,7 cm). To print or display on screen.
- A PDF file of the set of 12 cards showing the gestures of the artist. To print or cut for activities that interact with the CD.

Tracks List and Audio Samples
  • 1- Du grave vers l'aigu

  • 2- De l'aigu vers le grave

  • 3- Ruptures du geste de bas en haut- de haut en bas

  • 4- Variation de matière sonore

  • 5- Variations de moins vers plus

  • 6- Rotations sonores

  • 7- Courbe sonore

  • 8- Ruptures dans la courbe

  • 9- Envoi et ligne de gouttes de sons

  • 10- Pluie de sons

  • 9- Envoi et ligne de gouttes de sons

  • 12- Impact et coulées de sons

  • 13- Petite pièce de gestes montage 1

  • 14- Petite pièce de gestes montage 2

  • 15- Petite pièce de gestes montage 3

  • 16- Le compositeur entend

  • 17- Le compositeur entend image page 41

  • 18- La tourterelle dans le jardin de l'artiste peintre

  • 19- Travaux sur caisse claire

  • 20- Larme de pluie (extraits)

  • 21- Le chant du soir (Lucie Wateau)

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  • Authors: Joël Genetay - Agnès Rainjonneau
  • Code : FZ70542
  • ISBN Number: 978-2-84169-206-4
  • Number of Pages: 48
  • Reproduction:



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