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3rd to 6th Grade

Collection Choisir- 4 livrets


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Collection Choisir
Choisir is a series that focuses on specific situations where children are faced with a decision. Whether it is a challenging and dangerous competition, instigating a fight, ignoring the safety rules or becoming obsessed with winning; each book demonstrates how important our decisions really are and how some decisions can lead to negative outcomes. Choisir shows that making a good decision can lead to safer situations, better relationships, positive self-esteem and an overall rewarding and healthy lifestyle.

The book — Les conflits
William and Félix are identical twins and best friends, but they have completely opposite personalities. William is quiet, easy going and does his best to stay away from conflict, whereas Félix on the other hand is mischievous, confrontational and will often go out of his way to cause trouble. Félix never really thought much about the way he acted until one day his instigating behavior leads to an explosive situation, mistaken identity and ultimately regret. Something bad had to happen for Félix to realize that causing conflict was not really as much fun as he had once thought. Instead, it can have negative and irreversible consequences, in which a situation can easily get out of control. Will Félix change his ways and stay out of trouble, no matter what happens? Another naughty twin adventure addresses the issue of conflict. It recognizes the need for children to learn basic conflict resolution skills by showing what can happen when a disagreement between individuals gets out of control.

The book — La sécurité sur Internet
Computers are great! They can do many neat things. Not only can you find information about anything and everything you could ever imagine, but you can talk to people online that you don’t even know. But like all great things there are a bunch of rules that everybody, especially kids should follow, although not everybody does…
Our main character thought that rules were a waste of time and she didn’t understand what the big deal was if she chatted with people she didn’t know online. She felt so safe and comfortable sitting behind the computer screen in her very own home that she let her guard down and might have given out too much information about herself.
Then one day during a soccer game at school, she heard a stranger call out to her from across the field. She knew right away that something was wrong and at that moment she finally realized that some rules were not meant to be broken and that safety came first!

The book — Quand la compétition va trop loin
It’s finally summertime and that means that Nathan and his family are heading to their cottage on the lake. They will spend the entire summer swimming, fishing and best of all Nathan will get to hang out with his cottage friends, Liam, Samuel, Anne and Chloé. Whenever Nathan, Liam and Samuel get together, they love to play their favorite game called “Daredevils.” Daredevils is a game of dares, challenges, competition and the ultimate game of “chicken.” Although this game started out to be very harmless and even silly, it seems to have grown into a very dangerous and competitive game. Nathan had never turned down a challenge, especially when it came to the game of Daredevils even if it meant doing something risky. Nathan used to think that there was nothing worse than being crowned the “chicken” for the entire summer just because you didn’t want to do a dare. Then suddenly, everything changed! What will happen when these summertime friends find themselves in a very dicey situation all because of a dare?

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 La sécurité sur InternetT292917
 Les conflitsT292917
 Quand la compétition va trop loinT292917
 Utilisation et surutilisation des jeux   vidéosT292917


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