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3rd to 6th Grade

Virage vert - Pistes d'exploitation pédagogique


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This document combines several pedagogical selections from the Virage vert collection. It draws on the albums to suggest activities connected to reading, writing, oral communication, science, ethics and appreciation for the literary canon. These activities are an ideal way to showcase the works of the Virage vert collection to their full potential.

In this volume, you will find activities designed for primary students in the second and third grades. The albums in the Virage vert collection are specifically adapted to children of this age. They are perfect for addressing the subject of the environment in an interesting and fun way!

This document sold by Éditions de l'Envolée comes from the website It is sold here in paper format, without coil and in black and white. You may get the PDF version in colours, as well as the answer key on

  • Collection : Logo Genie
  • Author: Annie-Claude Lebel
  • Code : GP373NB
  • Number of Pages: 32
  • Reproduction:


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