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5th and 6th Grades, Secondary 1 and Secondary 2

Le voyage Écologique


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Designed with the goal of encouraging students to participate in large number either as a choir, an Orff orchestra with percussion instruments (optional), or as actors or dancers, this musical comedy deals with highly relevant subject matter and is mainly aimed at students in the upper grades of elementary school or in first-cycle secondary. The musical lasts approximately 60 minutes and includes 12 songs and 13 characters.

Text summary:
Four friends start off their vacation by fishing off a pier. They meet a fervent ecologist who introduces them to Toustrop, a magician and a sailor. Toustrop takes them to the ocean floor where they meet the “Vieux Génie des Eaux,” who gives them an important message: “Beware of the dark shadow” and “Start with yourselves”.

The price includes:
- A one-year usage licence for the school
- A book containing the text and songs
- A soundtrack with 12 songs (complete version and accompaniment)”

Tracks List and Audio Samples
  • Le voyage Écologique

  • 1. En Vacances!

  • 2. Les Animaux

  • 3. L’Écologiste

  • 4. Toustrop

  • 5. Histoire de marin

  • 6. Par la magie

  • 7. La descente sous les flots

  • 8. La réunion

  • 9. Nous habitons

  • 10. La complainte de l’Ombre noire

  • 11.Le jour se lève

  • 12. Finale de l’Espoir

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  • Author: Jean-François Laprise
  • Code : JFL03
  • Number of Pages: 77
  • Reproduction:



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