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Early Childhood, Preschool, 1st to 4th Grade

En route vers la danse...


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Teacher Micheline L’Italien created this activity book to share her experiences, creations and pedagogical development in teaching dance with kindergarten to grade 4 teachers.

Certain choreographic parts, quite simple and guided, will allow young and old alike to experience new musical and body movement techniques. Other more creative choreographic parts will allow students to choose and develop their own body movements, work with their classmates, make decisions and perfect their dance. These choreographic creations are adaptable to each teacher’s needs.

Tracks List and Audio Samples
  • 1- Mon jardin de fleurs

  • 2- Les pâtes musicales

  • 3- À la file indienne

  • 4- Le roi et la reine

  • 5- Les blocs de construction

  • 6- Explosion

  • 7- Le danube bleu, Strauss

  • 8- Le télescope

  • 9- Le kangourou (Carnaval des animaux)

  • 10- Poids léger, poids lourd

  • 11- Ti brin, version lente

  • 12- Ti brin, version rapide

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  • Author: Micheline L'Italien
  • Code : 3926
  • ISBN Number: 2-89453-392-6
  • Number of Pages: 35
  • Reproduction:



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