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3rd to 6th Grade

Sauts de puce

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These 10 melodies, composed especially for beginner students, serve as an introduction to the ukulele. The accompaniment tracks are played with real instruments.

Each piece comes in two versions: easy and original. The hybrid parts have a treble clef and ukulele tablature as well as the chord names and diagrams. The digital supplement has parts that have been simplified for students.

Tracks List and Audio Samples
  • 1- La gamique

  • 2- Andaloureux

  • 3- ReggaeGamme

  • 4- Ragtime

  • 5- Espanola

  • 6- Berceuse... qui réveille

  • 7- Puce de chat

  • 8- La route des Andes

  • 9- Pachyderme

  • 10-Prog-Rock

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  • Author: André Tremblay
  • Codes :
    Document and CD - 21067XPDF
    PDF Document and MP3 files - 21067PDF
  • ISBN Number: 978-2-89782-106-7
  • Number of Pages: 47
  • Reproduction:
  • Digital Version:


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