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Preschool, 1st Grade

La musique africaine -Timbélélé et la reine Lune (livre et CD)


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In the great land of Africa, the leopard M’Dongo believes he’s the king of cleverness. Every time he’s hungry, he invents a new trick... After exploring various families of instruments and musical genres, the series is now about discovering world music.

Let yourself be captivated by the sounds of the kora, the balafon, the khollé, the djembes, the tama, and by the incomparable voices of the Toure brothers.

Discovering World Music series
A true work of art, each title from this series is a cultural initiation through various means: music, instruments, songs, tales, history, geography, plants and animals. The texts are read by narrators from everywhere, meaning sounds from different languages like Russian, Portuguese, Creole and Arabic can be heard. Each book is the result of a collaboration between authors, illustrators and expert musicians with the support of the Boulogne-Billancourt National Conservatory in partnership with the Action Fund of SACEM.

- Music of Russia – Emporte-moi (Take Me Away), Lissa Ivanovna
- Music of North Africa – Zowa et l’oasis (Zowa and the Oasis)
- Creole Music – Tino le lamantin (Tino the Manatee)
- Music of Brazil – Les petits cireurs de chaussures (The Little Shoeshiners)
- Music of South America – Cayetano et la baleine (Cayetano and the Whale)
- Music of India – La danse du démon (The Demon’s Dance)
- Music of Gypsies – Le Petit Cheval d’étoiles (The Little Starry Horse)
- Music of Africa – Timbélélé et la reine Lune (Timbélélé and the Moon Queen)

A 10% discount is granted on the purchase of 4 titles or more of the Discovering World Music series.

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  • Author: Claude Helft
  • Code : GAL1149
  • ISBN Number: 978-2-07062-1149
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