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4th to 6th Grade, Secondary 1 and Secondary 2


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This new compilation, whose titles evoke the periods of the school year, includes various duets for soprano and alto flute. Each track is preceded by a full page of exercises based on short motifs, making it a complete pedagogical tool.

The audio tracks are provided in both full and accompaniment versions.

Click here to download the slow versions.

Tracks List and Audio Samples
  • 1-11 La fin de l'été

  • 2-12 Nuit d'horreur

  • 3-13 La Ste-Catherine

  • 4-14 Le cadeau

  • 5-15 Les Rois

  • 6-16 Les valentins

  • 7-17 La fête du printemps

  • 8-18 Rayons de soleil

  • 9-19 Le party de mon amie

  • 10-20 Les vacances

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  • Author: André Tremblay
  • Codes :
    Document and CD - 20848
    PDF Document and MP3 files - 20848PDF
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