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Preschool, 1st and 2nd Grades

Moppi découvre les métiers

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Moppi discovers the profession of...
Airplane pilot, detective, perfumer, veterinarian, teacher, painter and sculptor, dancer, carpenter-joiner, sportsperson, firefighter and farmer.
He never tires of playing to become ... while making us live these jobs through music.

Filmed in several regions of Quebec, Moppi and Mélodie venture off to discover professions. They will meet passionate people in unique places such as the Centre Hospitalier Vétérinaire of Saint-Hyacinthe, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the lavender fields of the Eastern Townships and the snowy slopes of the Laurentides. Moreover, 13 wonderful songs, each one revealing a different profession, enrich the whole experience. Moppi and Mélodie invite young and old alike to live this beautiful journey while singing and having fun. A great inspiration for future pilots, teachers, firefighters, veterinarians...

“When I grow up, I will be...”
I did a lot of teaching to my stuffed toys before I became teacher and I pedalled a lot on the mechanical piano before becoming a musician... “Playing to become” can become a grown-up reality!
Monique Drapeau

The CD includes:
12 fun songs about professions

The booklet includes:
Complete song lyrics
Colour pictures of Moppi

The CD does not contain any accompaniment tracks
The DVD contains a karaoke version of all the songs

Total length of CD: 29 minutes
Total length of DVD: 120 minutes

View the trailer here (French):

List of episodes
1. The Airplane Pilot
2. The Farmer
3. The Dancer
4. The Teacher
5. The Painter and Sculptor
6. The Veterinarian
7. The Carpenter-joiner
8. The Sportsperson
9. The Firefighter
10. The Perfumer
11. The Coach
12. The Grocer
13. The Cowboy

Tracks List and Audio Samples
  • 1- Pilote d'avion: Voler plus vite, plus loin, plus haut

  • 2- Détective: Messieurs Dupond et Dupont

  • 3- Parfumeur: Le parfumeur

  • 4- Vétérinaire: À la clinique vétérinaire

  • 5- Enseignant: J'aime l'école

  • 6- Artiste peintre et sculpteur: Quelle merveille et quelle beauté!

  • 7- Danseur: Danse avec moi!

  • 8- Charpentier-menuisier: C'est monsieur Arthur

  • 9- Sportif: Comme un sportif

  • 10- Pompier: Pin-Pon Pin-Pon

  • 11- Fermier: Bonjour monsieur le fermier!

  • 12- Mon p'tit Moppi à moi

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  • Author: Monique Drapeau
  • Codes :
    CD - OPUS28
    DVD - OPUS96
  • ISBN Number: 622406140328
  • Reproduction:


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