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3rd to 6th Grade

Whacky Fun 1 (livre et CD)


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This collection is well named, because the 6 tracks it contains are rather comical!

The parts for Boomwhackers only the diatonic C scale only, therefore they can be played with bells, xylophones or metallophones.

The book contains:
• The full score (of the teacher) for each track, with piano parts and chords in letters
• The simple score (student) for each track
• The lyrics of the 2 songs
• Educational tips for using Boomwhackers
• Specific pedagogical advice for each track

The CD contains
• A full version of each piece (with vocals and Boomwhackers)
• An accompaniment version of each piece (symphonic or rock band)
• The Crocodile Guy skit (very funny!)

Whacky Song (song)
• Style: light rock
• Scores: vocal, Boomwhackers I and II (opt.), percussion (cowbell, vibraslap, maracas), piano
• Accompaniment: piano, electric guitar, rhythm section

Whacky March
• Style: comical march (themed around the March of the Nutcracker)
• Scores: Boomwhackers I and II (opt.), kazoos, piano
• Accompaniment: symphony orchestra

Whacky Cha Cha
• Style: cha cha
• Scores: vocals (“Cha cha cha!”), Boomwhackers, piano
• Accompaniment: piano, guitar, bass, rhythm section, brass

• Style: rock (call and answer feature)
• Scores: Boomwhackers, piano
• Accompaniment: drums, bass, synthesizer, electric guitar

The Caisson Song (song)
• Style: military march
• Scores: vocal dubbed by Boomwhackers, piano
• Accompaniment: military band

Theme From Crocodile Guy
• Style: TV call sign
• Scores: vocal (“Crocodile Guy!”), Boomwhackers, piano (and text for a comedian!)
• Accompaniment: didgeridoo, brass, percussions

Sing 22 songs from the Dans mon baluchon (In my Bundle) and Jour de fête! (Celebration Day!) collections, and play them on the ukulele!

The PDF document includes:
• Lyrics with chord symbols
• Posters with tablature
• Colourful illustrations

List of songs
• Mon chien Toga (My dog Toga)
• Il était une vieille sorcière (There was an old Witch)
• J’ai perdu mon chat gris (I lost my grey cat)
• La fête des couleurs (The Festival of Colours)
• La princesse Amandine (Princess Amandine)
• Surlababi mirlababo
• Neptune le roi des mers (Neptune, King of the seas)
• Le cirque de la ville (The City’s Circus)
• En montgolfière (In a Hot Air Balloon)
• Dans mon baluchon (In My Bundle)
• Picasso découvre l’orchestre (Picasso discovers the Orchestra)
• J’aime me déguiser (I like to disguise myself)
• Un robot qui brille (A Robot That Shines)
• La danse des carrés (The Dance of the Squares)
• Le tyrannosaure rex (The Tyrannosaurus Rex)
• Salade de fruits (Fruit Salad)
• Une chanson ronde (A Round Song)
• Sous le ciel d’Afrique (Under the African sky)
• La fête du printemps (The Spring Celebration)
• La fête des flocons (The Snowflake Celebration)
• La piñata de mamita (Mamita’s Piñata)
• Ballons rouge (Joyeux anniversaire !) (Red Balloons [Happy Birthday!])

List of chords used
• C
• C7
• D
• Dm
• Em
• Em7
• E7
• F
• G
• Gm
• G7
• A
• Am7
• A7
• B

Available in digital version only
CDs are sold separately

Tracks List and Audio Samples
  • 1-2- Whacky Song

  • 3-4- Whacky March from The Nutcracker

  • 5-6- Whacky Cha Cha

  • 7-8- Boomrocker

  • 9-10- The Caisson Song

  • 11-13- Theme from Crocodile Guy

  • 12- Saynète de Crocodile Guy

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  • Author: Teresa Jennings
  • Code : PRWH-116
  • Number of Pages: 30
  • Reproduction:



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