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1st to 6th Grade, Secondary 1 to Secondary 3

BARATANGA – Activités de percussion en milieu scolaire


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Designed especially for school-age students in Québec and tested with students from all cycles, the activities in this exercise book are sure to expand your percussion activity repertoire and enhance your musical program.

The instruction sheets in this workbook are easy to understand and will help you understand the objectives, intended audience, and level of complexity at one quick glance.

L'appel au silence
Le jeu du domino
Je m'appelle
La course aux cocos
Le regard
Le détective rythmique
Détecteur de ballon
Le chef d'orchestre
Tremblement de terre
La ligne musicale
Le ballon musical

La recette de poulet
Jeux de découpage
Le train
Le domino aveugle
Découpage par chiffres

La boussole rythmique
Le 4/8
Le air drumming
Boom whackers
Radar à trois points
La plateforme
La fête des tubes

You will also find Baratanga tutorial cards at the end of the activity book that you can cut out and laminate.

  • Author: Louis-Daniel Joly
  • Code : BARA05
  • ISBN Number: 978-0-9939797-0-5
  • Number of Pages: 71
  • Reproduction:



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