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Preschool, 1st and 2nd Grades

Musique à la carte


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The goal of Musique à la carte is to provide an easy-to-use kit that showcases the visual and acoustic characteristics of the main music instruments by associating the cards with the appropriate sounds.

Musique à la carte enables teachers to introduce different musical instrument families and playing positions and technique.

The activity ideas will maximize the use of the support material and leave room for adaptation according to fixed teaching goals. The suggestions within the material can also serve as a springboard for your own exercises.

From listening to solos to duets, trios, or quartets, the Musique à la carte kit provides specially curated short compositions that will make discovering new instruments a real joy.

Musique à la carte is practical, easy to use, musically rich, effective, and sure to be a hit in the classroom."

Tracks List and Audio Samples
  • 1-3- Série 1

  • 15-20- Duos

  • 30-39- Les cordes

  • 40-54- Les vents

  • 55-65- Les percussions

  • Author: Guillaume Saint-James
  • Code : FZ9745
  • Reproduction:


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