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Preschool, 1st Grade

La course aux sons 2


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The aim of this interactive game for IWB is to identify the presence of a specific sound in each of the illustrated words. To play, you first click on the character who says aloud the sound you are looking for. You then fly over the small images at the bottom of the screen in order to hear the words represented by the images. If a word contains the sound you want, simply drag it above the canvas. It will then be stored automatically. Once the canvas is filled, the exercise is completed. In total, the application contains twelve exercises.

The owner has permission to install one (1) copy of the Software on one (1) computer and IWB at a time.

Contact us at [email protected] for multiple licenses.

This app is also available for iPad and Android. See all details on Itunes and Google Play.


This application uses Adobe Air, available for download here.

  • Collection : Logo Application + Images
  • Author: Caroline Buteau
  • Code : COUR2APP
  • Reproduction:
  • Digital Version:



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