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4th Grade

Ma grammaire en trois temps 4B

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With Ma grammaire en trois temps 4A et 4B, the students in grade 6 will learn the 4th grade grammar notions and will review those seen in 3rd grade. This complete document is divided in 2 tomes in order to review the whole range of competences to master in 4th grade according to the Programme de formation de l’école Québécoise.
Tome 1 – Vocabulary – Orthograph – Verb agreement
Tome 2 – Conjugating – Syntax and punctuation

The digital version consists of two types of files: an HTML5 file and a PDF+ file. These two formats are included with the purchase of the digital document.

  • Authors: Isabelle Bertrand - Geneviève St-Arnaud Gaboury
  • Codes :
    Paper Document - 29234
    Digital version - 29234PDF
    Paper Answer Key - 29234C
    Digital Answer Key - 29234CPDF
  • ISBN Number: 978-2-89672-923-4
  • Number of Pages: 55
  • Reproduction:
  • Digital Version:


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