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1st and 2nd Grades, Preschool



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From the FunOtrousse collection, Fusionossons is a phonological awareness game that works on simple phonemic fusion. The student must first combine a sound to a vowel to create a syllable, then find which illustrated word starts with the same syllable. The activity grid counts 16 sounds to be combined with five vowels, for a total of 80 syllables to name and associate to the right word. The game master is a funny penguin playing in a snowy landscape.

The owner has permission to install one (1) copy of the Software on one (1) computer and IWB at a time.

Contact us at [email protected] for multiple licenses.

This app is also available for Ipad. See all details on Itunes.

This application uses Adobe Air, available for download here.

  • Collection : Logo Application
  • Authors: Emmanuelle Côté - Catherine Fecteau
  • Code : FUSIAPP
  • Reproduction:
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