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2nd and 3rd Grades

Une nuit dans un château ensorcelé

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The book — Une nuit dans un château ensorcelé
A young traveler is looking for a place to sleep. He sees a castle. He believes that he will be safe in there. On his way he encounters a lady who tells him that he is crazy because this castle is full of ghosts. What kind of night awaits the young man?

Collection Trois pas
The collection Trois pas presents colorful stories for young readers. These stories are sorted by the level of reading difficulty: Une histoire en 5 minutes ! (a short text), Une histoire en 10 minutes ! (a moderately long text) and Une histoire en 15 minutes ! (a long text). Each book ends with three pages of activities about the text read.

The electronic version contains the novel in three different formats: PDF, HTML (ideal for computers and IWB), and epub (ideal for ipad or other tablets).

  • Codes :
    Book - 84119
    Digital Booklet - 84119PDF
  • ISBN Number: 978-2-89488-411-9
  • Number of Pages: 32
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  • Digital Version:


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