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5th and 6th Grades, Secondary 1

Apprentissage différencié 2

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The collection "Apprentissage différencié" has been designed for students with special education needs.

We regularly meet with teachers in special education at the secondary level who tell us how delighted they are with our documents. Talking with them, here is the main request that comes up: "We would like to have a grammar series for our students ranging in age from 12 to 18, and for which the primary school learnings are not all acquired. We would like the text within these documents to reflect the age of our students and cover topics that are relevant to them.

Following this request, we produced a series of documents entitled Apprentissage différencié. Of course, this series does not contain all the concepts taught in the French program, but it will prove to be a useful tool that will help you review with your students elementary items that were not fully acquired.

The themes developed in this volume are:
• Deceptive appearances
• Important living spaces
• Eating disorders
• Legends
• Energy drinks

The digital document is sold separately from the paper document.

  • Author: Dominique Dufour
  • Codes :
    Paper Document - 27636
    Digital version - 27636PDF
    Paper Answer Key - 27636C
    Digital Answer Key - 27636CPDF
  • ISBN Number: 978-2-89672-763-6
  • Number of Pages: 53
  • Reproduction:
  • Digital Version:


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