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1st to 6th Grade

Le lac des cygnes


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This famous ballet, a jewel of Russian post-romanticism, reflects the symphonic ambitions of Tchaïkovski. With the help of cues at the bottom of the page, you can easily tell the story while it fits perfectly to the music. Like the other books in this series, the story of a hopeless quest of love and perfection is packed with beautiful illustrations.

Tracks List and Audio Samples
  • 1- Valse n°4, fête pour le prince Siegfried

  • 2- Danse générale, variation n°13, métamorphose d'Odette en reine des cygnes

  • 3- Danse des cygnes

  • 4- Danse espagnole, supercherie lors du bal

  • 5- Scène finale, Siegfried et Odette disparaissent à jamais

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  • Number of Pages: 37
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