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2nd and 3rd Grades

L'autographe - Roman A

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Du plaisir à lire is a collection designed to introduce children to reading and aiming at helping them become independent readers.

Each of the novels in this series will appeal to young people who start reading. The bright and cheerful texts as well as the superb illustrations will captivate the young readers.

While helping her dad cleaning up the shed, Bella discovers a hockey stick that had belonged to one of the world's best hockey players. The famous hockey player will coincidentally be in town for the new arena's opening ceremonies. Bella absolutely wants to meet him to get his autograph on the stick. Will she succeed in her endeavour?

The electronic version contains the novel in three different formats: PDF, HTML (ideal for computers and IWB), and epub (ideal for ipad or other tablets).

  • Collection : Logo Petit logo DPAL
  • Author: Mario Audet
  • Codes :
    Paper Document - 83266
    Electronic version - 83266PDF
  • ISBN Number: 978-2-89488-326-6
  • Reproduction:
  • Digital Version:


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