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1st to 6th Grade

L'oiseau de feu


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"On a winter day, Prince Ivan goes out hunting in deep snow. He discovers a long stone wall from which sticks out a rose bush in bloom. Intrigued, he climbs over the wall and sees an extraordinary creature half woman, half bird. It's the fire bird!

Ivan grabs the creature without hurting it, but the animal begs him to let go. In exchange, it offers a feather that Ivan could shake if one day he finds himself in danger..."

The Firebird is a russian fairy tale adapted for ballet by Igor Stravinsky. It was danced for the first time in 1910. The most beautiful songs from The Firebird may be found on the disk that accompanies the album.

Tracks List and Audio Samples
  • 1- Apparition de l'oiseau de feu

  • 2- Danse de l'oiseau de feu

  • 3- Capture de l'oiseau de feu

  • 4- Ronde des princesses

  • 5- Danse infernale

  • 6- Berceuse de l'oiseau de feu

  • 7- Disparition des sortilèges

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  • Code : 0298PL
  • ISBN Number: 978-2-88480-029-8
  • Number of Pages: 36
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