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3rd to 6th Grade

Lugdirythme 2


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A simple principle was prevalent in the creation of this song collection involving the addition of progressively rhythmic ostinatos easy to memorize. Indeed, several of these short formulas come into play successively or simultaneously. They lead to more or less complex polyrhythmic versions, but they are always under the control of performers. The CD includes the track of the expected final version, along with an instrumental track stimulating enough for all the participants to maintain the beat properly throughout an entire piece of music.

Lugdirythme 1 provides a highly diversified repertoire of nine selections, with suggestions for playing them with various percussion instruments basically of African origin. Nonetheless, all of these suggestions have alternatives that may be played with the several other instruments already available in class.

The main ethnic instruments used for these songs are presented at the end of the book. Abundantly illustrated, this section will enable each and everyone to become more familiar with their own playing technique.

Size: 21 x 16 cm

Tracks List and Audio Samples
  • 1-10- Batucada

  • 2-11- Pablo (cha cha cha)

  • 3-12- Ado (Maracatu)

  • 4-13- Mangrove et Vanille (Merengué)

  • 5-14- Nomads'moody

  • 6-15- Les mots (Bossa)

  • 7-16- Bascule (Dance)

  • 8-17- Tout de go (Tango)

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  • Code : LUG1051
  • ISBN Number: 2-914040-05-9
  • Number of Pages: 44
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