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6th Grade, Secondary 1 and Secondary 2

Body Tap 1


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Body Tap develops attention, memory, creativity and sensitivity in students in a playful and collective climate. It offers you a concrete way to make students aware of the importance of ‘’listening to others’’.

Body Tap is structured around four pieces for orchestra and body percussion. These pieces were conceived to allow the acquisition of the basic elements of rhythmic language, without any previous theoretical concepts being necessary. Progressive rhythmic exercises are also proposed offering a preparation to the four pieces.

Each piece contains a play-back and complementary tracks of rhythmic loops to be memorized. You can also introduce students to the task of writing in the form of a workshop.

This document is in French.

Tracks List and Audio Samples
  • 1- Body Raga

  • 2- Body Samba

  • 3- Body Groovy

  • 4- Body Swing

  • 5-8- Body Raga (Acc. et percussions)

  • 9-12- Body Samba (Acc. et percussions)

  • 13-15- Body Groovy (Acc. et percussions)

  • 16-18- Body Swing (Acc. et percussions)

  • 19-20- Pulsation et solo

  • 21-45- Étude no 1 à 25

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  • Authors: Guillaume Saint-James - Julia Saint-James
  • Code : FZ6893
  • ISBN Number: 3-549540-068936
  • Number of Pages: 27
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