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1st to 4th Grade, Teaching Adults

L'Envolée du français 4

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Specially created for teaching basic French, this major collection comprised of five series of books is based on Ontario Core French curriculum objectives.

The five series are in turn comprised of five books each dealing with one of the five aspects of learning a language (reading, writing, oral skills, grammar and vocabulary). An illustrated glossary of all the words used in the five books of the same series is included in each book.

L'Envolée du français provides teachers of French as a second language with a wide range of exercises allowing students to acquire basic knowledge of this language. These exercises deal with the daily lives of students along with their social environments, habits and fields of interest.

Each book contains at least fifteen exercises, answers keys, all the vocabulary in each book of the same series and charts for monitoring student progress. In the glossaries in books 4, 5, 6 and 7 of each series, words are represented with pictures, thereby helping students to learn vocabulary by making a precise mental image of new words to learn.

Activities in L'Envolée du français books may be led by teachers or discovered by students on their own. They may also be done individually or in a group. In addition, the Corrigé in each book allows self-correction.

With L'Envolée du français 8, students further their learning of the French language by exploring themes such as trades and professions, and traveling. Five workbooks full of activities dealing with oral skills, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary help students increase their knowledge of French vocabulary and idiomatic expressions. This series does not include a glossary, as students at this level should be able to use a dictionary effectively.

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    Complete Series - Paper PDF - FR-4000PDF
    Lecture 4, PDF version - 2245PDF
    Écriture 4, PDF version - 2237PDF
    Oral 4, PDF version - 2202PDF
    Vocabulaire 4, PDF version - 2229PDF
    Lexique 4, PDF version - 2199PDF
    Grammaire 4, PDF version - 2210PDF
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