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1st and 2nd Grades

Enseigner simplement l'art dramatique

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This guide is perfect for progressive teaching of dramatic arts to 1st cycle students. Two beautiful, imaginary trips allow you first to get familiar with your students and then to observe them at work. Next, non-verbal plays will enable you to get them working on expression, coordination, imagination, memory and emotions, gently leading them to verbal acting. This document also contains a series of exercises (warm-ups, consolidation, relaxation) and posters that may be reproduced.

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  • image Éléments travaillés
  • image 6 to 8 years old
  • image Guided trips, museum visits
  • image Imagination, oral and physical expression, emotions
  • Collection : Logo Théatre + logo
  • Author: Myriam Levert
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    Paper Document - 80852
    PDF Document - 80852PDF
  • ISBN Number: 978-2-89488-085-2
  • Number of Pages: 60
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