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Ateliers progressifs 2 (février à juin)

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These dynamic workshops, filled with humour and imagination, are separated in two volumes: from September to January and from February to June. They will get students to progress from simple mental concentration to the creation of sketches, not to mention mime, construction of a character, and exploration of the commedia dell’arte. Featured is a project that incorporates all of the acquired skills and the art of improvisation. Most of the workshops come with sheets that may be copied for the students.

The digital version consists of two types of files: an HTML5 file and a PDF+ file. These two formats are included with the purchase of the digital document.

  • image Âge recommendé
  • image Durée
  • image Distribution
  • image Thèmes
  • image Éléments travaillés
  • image 12 to 14 years old
  • image The Wait, Love, Friendship, the Urgency, Death
  • image Sensory and affective memory, confidence, imaginary place, advertising
  • Collection : Logo Théatre + logo
  • Authors: Peggy Lavoie - Denise Lampron
  • Codes :
    Paper Document - 80937
    Digital version - 80937PDF
  • ISBN Number: 978-2-89488-093-7
  • Number of Pages: 71
  • Reproduction:
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