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3rd to 6th Grade



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Here is the stage adaptation of Coraline sur la planète Arc-en-ciel, the story of a budding journalist who accompanies her father on a mission across the galaxy. The adaptation and storytelling were associated to young people to make them live a theatrical adventure in three dimensions: the dramatic writing, the building of a character and play as well as the theatrical performance.

Following the experience, students will have acquired a much more dynamic way to read and appreciate theater. Several characters can be played interchangeably by girls or boys. Coraline can be represented by as many students as there are scenes.

  • image Âge recommendé
  • image Durée
  • image Distribution
  • image Thèmes
  • image Éléments travaillés
  • image 8 to 11 years old
  • image 9 scenes of about 4 minutes each
  • image More or less 30
  • image Friendship, difference, balance
  • image Reading, dramatic writing, theatrical training
  • Collection : Logo Théatre + logo
  • Author: Jod Léveillé
  • Code : 81156
  • ISBN Number: 978-2-89488-115-6
  • Number of Pages: 137
  • Reproduction:



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