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1st and 2nd Grades, Preschool

Étoile dans la forêt et autres aventures


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Étoile is a superb heroine right out of kids’ imaginations. She flies, transforms herself and answers all distress calls. These three fun-filled and naïve adventures will give youngsters a good and rare chance to discover and experiment at the same time thanks to a shadow theatre, a puppet and a farcical play. Several characters may be played by girls or boys.

  • image Âge recommendé
  • image Durée
  • image Distribution
  • image Thèmes
  • image Éléments travaillés
  • image 6 to 7 years old
  • image 10 minutes each
  • image 7 characters each + 2 manipulators
  • image The hero, mutual aid, forgiveness
  • image Body and voice expression, rhythm
  • Collection : Logo Théatre + logo
  • Author: Catherine-Emmanuelle Delisle
  • Code : 80845
  • ISBN Number: 978-2-89488-084-5
  • Number of Pages: 121
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