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2nd Grade, Secondary 1 to Secondary 5

L'Envolée de l'espagnol 2

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L'Envolée de l'espagnol offers Spanish teachers a wide variety of exercises that allow students to acquire the basics of the Spanish language. These exercises concern the day-to-day lives of students, their social milieu, their habits and areas of interest.

Answer Key included.

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  • Codes :
    Complete Series - PDF Version - ES-2000PDF
    Lectura 2, PDF Version - 5074PDF
    Escritura 2, PDF Version - 5104PDF
    Oral 2, PDF Version - 5090PDF
    Gramatica 2, PDF Version - 5082PDF
    Vocabulario 2, PDF Version - 5066PDF
    Léxico 2, PDF Version - 5112PDF
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