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4th to 6th Grade

The Questions Race & Detective

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This handbook proposes a group game for the English second language courses at the primary education level. At the beginning, the teacher is the only one to have all information, but by asking questions out loud, each student has his turn, and by taking notes from the teachers answers, the students gather information bit by bit till they are able to solve the equation. The first to complete the mystery is declared the Detective. May the best one win!

The Question Race
Designed for grade 5 and 6 students, The Questions Race contains fifteen different racing car cards. Each card suggests 8 questions to practice. The questions vary according to the style and the level of difficulty.

This amusing game permits the students to become familiar with asking questions and forming answers in English.

  • Author: Patrick Kinch
  • Codes :
    Both Document - Paper Version - 41164124
    Les deux documents - PDF Version - 41164124PDF
    The Questions Race - Paper Document - 4124
    The Question Race - PDF Document - 4124PDF
    Detective - Paper Document - 4116
    Detective - PDF Document - 4116PDF
  • ISBN Number: 978-2-89453-412-4 978-2-89453-411-6
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