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Preschool, 1st to 3rd Grade

Frimousse, Jour de fête !

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Here are twelve unreleased songs grouped under the theme of "partying and celebration" with catchy melodies, colorful arrangements, imaged texts tinged with a touch of humor. For the first time at eleven years old, Kelly-Ann Martin takes the role of a soloist for a full album. A child speaking to other children: even more magic and emotions. You will be conquered upon the very first listen.

Tracks List and Audio Samples
  • 1- J'aime me déguiser

  • image

  • 3- La danse des carrés

  • 4- Le tyrannosaure rex

  • 5- Salade de fruits

  • 6- Une chanson ronde

  • 7- Sous le ciel d'Afrique

  • 8- La fête du printemps

  • 9- La fête des flocons

  • 10- La piñata de mamita

  • 11- Pas facile

  • 12- Ballons rouges (Joyeux anniversaire !)

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  • Authors: Nathalie Mondou - Caroline Du Pré
  • Codes :
    Document - BAL3437
    CD - BAL0192
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