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1st and 2nd Grades

Au-delà de la chanson 3


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How does one put a song to work?
What can be taken from it; how can it be used?
What paths are to be considered?

Au-delà de la chanson, 1st cycle special, features answers to these questions through a series of teaching tools using 10 songs. Special activities are included that make use of the body, gestures, voice and instrumental play. This 24-page book comes with a CD containing the sung and instrumental versions of the songs

Tracks List and Audio Samples
  • 1-2- Un soleil tout jaune

  • 3-4- C'est un p'tit têtard

  • 5-6- Tourne la lune

  • 7-8- La Li Lo

  • 9-10- Monsieur le vent

  • 11-12- J'ai un anneau

  • 13-14- Dodo, Doudou

  • 15-16- Jean petit qui danse

  • 17-18- Madame la souris

  • 19-20- Drôle de montre

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  • Code : FZ8801
  • ISBN Number: 3-549540-088019
  • Number of Pages: 23
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