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5th and 6th Grades

Conjuguer 2

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This document consists of a step by step conjugation learning method. The student starts up at the first level (conjugation of auxiliary verbs "to have" and "to be" in all moods and tenses) and gradually reaches the point where he or she is able to identify which mood and tense the verb must be conjugated in. Each individual step is divided into a page of theory, a few study pages as well as five different exercise pages.

  • Author: Mélina Cliche
  • Codes :
    Paper Document - 6124
    Digital version - 6124PDF
    Paper Answer Key - 6124C
    Digital Answer Key - 6124CPDF
  • ISBN Number: 978-2-89453-612-4
  • Number of Pages: 53
  • Reproduction:
  • Digital Version:


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