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Grade 1 to 6

Une ratatouille de L'Halloween


A vampire (or a witch) and his or her ghostlike companion, who have been locked in a cave by humans, decide to take their revenge. Thanks to his magical powers, the vampire summons six characters to eat them in ratatouille. A clown, a musician, two sportspeople, a sailor and a scientist appear. Although, everything is not so simple. The humans all want, in their own way, to convince the monsters to forget eating them and letting them go. Not to mention that Inspector Latrouvaille decided to get involved. What will the vampire decide?

This musical is used to animate a Halloween party and can be completed in a fairly short time (it was written and realized in 1 month). Its structure offers one song per level (1st to 6th grade) for students to sing in addition to 2 songs (the first and the last songs) sung by all the students together. Thus, the teacher creates one song with the 1st grade class, another with the 2nd grade class, etc. This is perfect to plan a Halloween party that brings together all the students of the school and that can quickly be set up.

Suggested plan: the action takes place on stage and the students are both the audience and the choir. Depending on the characters, the class that has built the song together stands up to perform it.

The purchase includes:
• A one-year user licence for the school
• A notebook containing the text and the songs
• A soundtrack containing eight songs (full and accompaniment versions)

The buyer must also sign an agreement with the author in order to facilitate the follow-up and potentially have access to additional agreements that suit the specific needs of their production.

Important note concerning performance rights
If you perform the text in public, you must first obtain the performance rights, even if you are amateurs and even if the entrance is free of cost. This procedure is in accordance with copyright laws. You can obtain performance rights as part of your agreement with the author. The only exception is for schools; if the text is performed in front of an audience consisting only of students, you do not need performance rights. However, as soon as an audience of family and friends is assisting, you need to buy the rights.

Note that schools in Quebec benefit from a Ministry of Education program that covers the performance rights for schools. There is still a procedure to follow and a form to fill out (Entente MEQ-AQAD). This program is unique to Quebec.

The workbook includes:
• Dialogues
• Song lyrics
• Song scores (melody on a staff)

The CD includes:
• Eight songs in instrumental version (accompaniment only)
• Eight songs in full version (vocal and accompaniment)


1-9- Je suis un vampire
1-10- Le clown
2-11- Le marin
3-12- Le savant
4-13- La musicienne
5-14- Les sportifs
6-15- L'inspecteur La Trouvaille
7-16- L'Halloween est arrivée!
Codes: Document and CD - JFL01
ISBN Number: 978-2-9802973-1-1
Number Of Pages: 40