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Preschool, Grade 1 and 2

Toumback Frimousse

Click here to access Frimousse, Mon baluchon de chansons and Frimousse, Jour de fête !

In this new installment in the Toumback series, author Stéphane Grosjean offers a repertoire for young children that is adapted to their level and designed to lay the foundations for rhythmic and melodic work. Grosjean takes a playful approach by using body games combined with singing that engages children and prepares them for future musical practice.

The six titles composing this work are tailored to the physiological realities and capacities of this demographic (tempo and lyric choice in particular).
Toumback Frimousse introduces body percussion that gradually increases in difficulty.

The author covers the following:
  • The series of movements (guided by step-by-step video tutorials on DVD)
  • How to practise the path of motion in combination with simple rhythms
  • How to integrate the two (movements and rhythm)

After a few exercises, body percussion can be seamlessly combined with music.

Teachers can easily introduce their classroom to these basic sounds, rhythms, and grooves without any background in music.

The hybrid CD contains the following:

  • Audio tracks (vocal and accompaniment versions)
  • Scores for voice/percussion and piano (in PDF)

The DVD contains the following:
  • A demonstration of the complete choreography by children
  • A demonstration of the rhythmic cells

Video clip (YouTube link)


1-7- Dans la lune
2-8- Quand y'a de l'eau
3-9- La danse des sorciers
4-10- Plonger
5-11- Flic, flac, floc
6-12- Toc, toc, toc
Codes: Book, CD and DVD - LUG1074
ISBN Number: 978-2-36857-037-1
Number Of Pages: 16

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