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Grade 3 to 6

Méthode de ukulélé 1


Ideal to initiate kids to the ukulele, this easy method teaches the melodies note by note, basic chords, accompanying rhythms, drum rolls and tremolo. All the songs are in standard scores and in tablature.

Access to the audio files is included. The audio files include examples of the proposed songs and chords. Some pieces also have a ukulele accompanying track.

The method is in French, but the lyrics of many melodies are in English (i.e American folklore songs)


1- S'accorder
2-3- Les notes sur la corde de Do
4- Les notes sur la corde de Mi
5- Mary Had a Little Lamb
6-7- Go Tell Aunt Rhody
8-9- Ode à la joie
10- Les notes sur la corde de La
12-13- Susanna
14-15- La gamme de Do majeur
16- Le Ré et le Mi aigus
17-18- Aura Lee
19-20- Wildwood Flower
21- Frère Jacques
22-25- Shortening Bread
26-27- Little Brown Jug
28- Les accords
29-30- Strum It
31- Accords de Sol, Do, Ré7 et Mi mineur
37- Waltz Strum
32- Ooh-Wah Uke
33-36- Boil 'Em Cabbage Down
38-39- Amazing Grace
40- Rolling
41- Juking the Uke
42-43- Down in the Valley
44-45- Clementine
46-47- Paw Paw patch
48-49- Skip to My Lou
50- Au clair de la lune
51- She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain
52-53- Shave and a Haircut (le roulement)
54- Aura Lee (le trémolo)
55- Doo-Wop Uke
56-57- Goodnight Ladies
58- Accords de Mi mineur, La mineur et Si7
59- The Haunted Uke Blues
60- Hey, Ho, Nobody Home
61-62- Accords de Ré mineur et La7
63-64- Sinner Man
65-66- Scarborough Fair
Codes: Document - HL4365
ISBN Number: 978-1-4803-4436-5
Number Of Pages: 48