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Margot la futée


The book — Margot la futée

While master François goes to get his guest, Margot prepares the evening meal. The meal is ready. Margot awaits; time passes by and it's getting late. "This late, they won't come!", says Margot. She can't resist but taste the delicious meal that she cooked. Will her greediness play a trick on her?

Collection Trois pas

The collection Trois pas presents colorful stories for young readers. These stories are sorted by the level of reading difficulty: Une histoire en 5 minutes ! (a short text), Une histoire en 10 minutes ! (a moderately long text) and Une histoire en 15 minutes ! (a long text). Each book ends with three pages of activities about the text read. The electronic version contains the novel in two different formats: PDF and HTML (ideal for computers and IWB).

Title F&P Clay MEES Qc M.É. Ont.
 La princesse intrépide J 17 17 9
 Le diable et le paysan K 19 19 10
 Le loup et le violoniste K 19 19 10
 Le professeur Jecétou J 17 17 9
 Le vaisseau fantôme K 20 20 11
 Margot la futée K 19 19 10
 Un merle trop glouton J 17 17 9
 Un sanglier génial K 20 20 11



Codes: Book - 85017Digital Booklet - 85017PDF
ISBN Number: 978-2-89488-501-7
Number Of Pages: 32
Digital Version: