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Preschool, Grade 1 and 2

Émotions - Musiques, arts visuels, langage


Joy, fear, anger, sadness, contempt, pain, surprise, boredom, fatigue...

This book offers an approach and a fascinating exploration of some “major” emotions and how they can give a message in images (drawings, paintings, pictures), words or music.

The ability to identify emotions depends on the child’s ability to figure how each emotion occurs on someone’s face or through behaviour. The child’s identification skill depends of the use of a vocabulary which, even if unfamiliar, demonstrates the child’s ability to understand its meaning. This verbalization step can also be completed through mimed expression. Such a process leads the educator to propose, in a natural way, a shift in the sound field by suggesting the use of instruments likely to embody the emotion being discussed.

The book includes:
• A theoretical exploration of 9 emotions
• Tracks for mimed expression and verbalization of emotions
• In-depth descriptions of 9 corresponding instruments (nightingale call, flexatone, thunder drum, sanzula, water drum, vibraslap, horn, accordion, Tibetan singing bowl)
• Artistic analyses of each emotion through painting, music and poetry
• Numerous illustrations (paintings and photographs)

The CD includes:
• 9 recordings of instruments related to the 9 emotions presented
• 11 songs adapted to the level of children (full and accompaniment versions)
• 1 PDF file with printable matrices to initiate effective and realistic work tracks
• 29 image files (JPG format) of the tables in the book.

List of songs
• Et on fait la fête (And We’re Celebrating)
• Le bal des insectes (The Bug Dance)
• Guillaume le fantôme (William the Ghost)
• J’ai peur (I’m scared)
• D comme doryphore (P for Potato Bug)
• Rire et pleurer (Laugh and Cry)
• Larme à l’œil (Tear in the Eye)
• G comme glace (I for Ice)
• La cantine (The Canteen)
• F comme faim (H for Hunger)
• Les bobos (Little Scratches)
• Le cadeau (The Gift)
• Sommeil (Sleep)


1- Joie – Rossignol
2- Peur – Flexatone
3- Colère - Tambour de tonnerre
4- Tristesse – Sanzula
5- Dégôut - Tambour d'eau
6- Souffrance – Vibraslap
7- Surprise – Klaxon
8- Ennui – Accordéon
9- Fatigue - Bol tibétain
10-23- Joie - Et on fait la fête
11-24- Joie - Le bal des insectes
12-25- Peur - Guillaume le fantôme
13-26- Peur - J'ai peur
14-27- Colère - D comme doryphore
15-28- Tristesse - Rire et pleurer
16-29- Tristesse - Larme à l'oeil
17-30- Tristesse - G comme glace
18-31- Dégoût - La cantine
19-32- Douleur - F comme faim
20-33- Douleur - Les bobos
21-34- Surprise - Le cadeau
22-35- Fatigue – Sommeil
Codes: Document and CD - LUG1013
ISBN Number: 978-2-36857-0418
Number Of Pages: 48