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Collection Virage vert - 5 livres


Collection Virage vert

This collection of five books covers the topic of environmental conservation and protection. The approach is educational and intended to raise awareness among young readers about the role they can play in eliciting change. After reading, the students may be encouraged to pursue their reflection. This collection will certainly appeal to young scientific minds!

Le livre – Le réchauffement climatique

Léo is organizing a costume party at his house. He dresses up as Capitaine Planète, and his mission is to protect the Earth from global warming. Climate change is affecting the lives of plants, animals and humans. As the day goes on, Léo and his friends learn more about global warming. Together they develop a plan to make a difference.

The book – Les écosystèmes : Le réseau de la vie

Ecosystems are wonderful but fragile environments. One small change in the ecosystem can disrupt the delicate balance and perturb the lives of everything that lives there. Jade and her older sister navigate bodies of water, forests and mountains while admiring the beauty of the ecosystems that surround them. Join them on their discoveries!

The book – Les énergies renouvelables

The sun, wind, water and soil are important natural resources. They can be used to produce electricity without causing waste. Jules wants to learn more about how these renewable energy sources function. Follow him on his scientific discoveries!

The book – La conservation des forêts

Forests are the planet’s real gems. They are called “the lungs of the Earth.” While exploring a natural park, Mia, Louis, Simone and their parents discuss the value, use, and qualities of forests and the role they play on our planet. Each member of the family wants to contribute somehow to protect forests.

The book – Les 3 R : Réduire, Réutiliser, Recycler

Where do toys go when they’re broken? Sam is going to find out after he accidentally breaks his robot Rob’s arm. With the 3R rule, there should be no more waste and no more overconsumption. We need to reduce, reuse and recycle! Follow Sam on his discoveries and learn to respect the environment too.

Title F&P Clay MEES Qc M.É. Ont.
 Les 3 R : Réduire, Réutiliser, Recycler J - - -
 La conservation des forêts K - - -
 Le réchauffement climatique L - - -
 Les écosystèmes – Le réseau de la vie K - - -
 Les énergies renouvelables M - - -



Codes: 5 Booklet series - VIRAGEVERT
Number Of Pages: 16