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Grade 2 and 3

Collection Petits Héros

Collection Petits Héros
This collection of four colourful, original books is sure to transport young readers to surprising new frontiers. In the sky, in space, or among dragons or animals, offbeat characters evolve and accomplish courageous feats in their own way. Being a hero does not mean being big and tall: perseverance, love, and teamwork will drive anyone to push their limits, no matter the quest! Every book in the collection ends with a reflection on the themes explored in the book.

The book – Un dragon nommé Coco
Coco is well aware that it’s sometimes hard to be different. He hatched from a cracked egg, and he is different: he is smaller than the other dragons in his family. But one day, Coco will learn that even little dragons can accomplish great things.

The book – Florence et l’aventure du pangolin
Florence’s family is far from ordinary! They’re part of the Air Macareux team, and it’s fascinating work! Air Macareux saves endangered animals. One day, Florence’s mother saves an elephant. Later, Florence’s father saves a hippopotamus or transports a lion. This is the first time that Florence, Léo, and their parents must save a pangolin. Will they succeed in their mission?

The book – Chloé et l’attrape-comète
Chloe’s planet is no longer habitable. There’s barely any nitrogen left. But Chloé refuses to leave everything behind. Ever the dedicated scientist, she configures a plan with her friend Daisy. Together, the friends will go into space aboard the attrape-comète with the goal of bringing nitrogen back home with them.

The book – Une nouvelle famille pour Petit Robot
After sleeping for a very long time, Little Robot wakes up in a cave with no memory of the past. Thankfully, a group of animals take him under their wing and help him get back on his feet. The animals are in grave danger, and Little Robot is the only one who can come to their rescue. Despite being the only one who can save them, some of the animals remain wary of Little Robot. Will he succeed in gaining the acceptance of the forest creatures?

TitleF&PClayMEES QcM.É. Ont.
 Florence et l’aventure du pangolinH---
 Un dragon nommé CocoI---
 Une nouvelle famille pour Petit RobotI---
 Chloé et l’attrape-comèteK---



Codes: 4 Booklet series - HÉROS-S1
Number Of Pages: 36